11 Best Free AI Sexting Apps in 2024– Experience Spicy Sex Chat (For Android & iOS)

11 Best Free AI Sexting Apps in 2024– Experience Spicy Sex Chat (For Android & iOS)

Looking for the Best safe and secure Free AI Sexting Apps? Bored watching Porn & Upto something new? Then Try Best Free Ai SEXTING Apps for Android and iOS in 2024.

SEXTING with Real Humans may sometimes go wrong due to a lack of mutual consent, Age Verification, and many more reasons. To this, we have brought exclusively to you the best Free AI SEXTING Apps in 2024.

The new age always comes with New Technology!

And we are in the age of Technology, where AI plays an important role in our lives, from education and medical facilities to HardCore e-Sodomy.

SEXTING with a human lookalike AI can give you the same experience as you get with a real Human.

If you’re looking for SEXTING APPS, then you’ve come to the right place because we’ve compiled a list of the Top Free AI Sexting Apps in 2024 right here in this article.

Let’s first define What is Ai SEXTING Apps for Android and iOS in 2024, before we swiftly move on to some juicy discussions.

What are AI Sexting Apps?

Before you try understanding AI sexting Apps, Let’s just first learn what SEXTING is? and what role AI (Artificial Intelligence) plays in it.

In simple terms, Sexting refers to an act of sending or receiving sex messages in the form of text, audio, and video via messaging apps or social media.

To put it another way, SEX + ChatTING = SEXTING

Now that you’ve understood what Sexting is Let’s see what AI sexting Apps are. AI Sexting Apps are adult application software that enables you to exchange sex talks with an AI character of your choice.

11 Unbelievable Best AI Sexting Apps for Android and iOS in 2024

  1. Candy.AI- Overall Best AI Sexting App for Android & iOS
  2. Soulfun.AI– Overall Best Featured AI Sexting App for Android/iOS
  3. Intimate.AI- Overall Top Rated AI Sexting Apps for Android/iOS
  4. NSFW Character Ai- Overall Best NSFW chatting app
  5. MyGirlFriend.Ai- Overall Best Ai Girlfriend Apps
  6. DreamGF- Overall Best Virtual AI Girlfriend App
  7. Kupid.Ai- Overall Best for Perfect match with AI soulmates
  8. CrushOn.Ai- Meet your perfect OC companion
  9. Muah.ai- Engage in AI-powered companion NSFW chat
  10. SpicyChat.Ai- Uncensored FunSpicyChat Apps
  11. MyAnima.Ai- AI companion that cares

Since you’ve learnt about AI sexting, it is now time to know the Best AI Sexting Apps out there for you. Below, we have listed the Top 10 Best AI Sexting Apps for Android and iOS in 2024, their key specifications, and their Pricing Policy as well.

1. Candy.AI- Overall Best AI Sexting App for Android & iOS

Candy.Ai emerged as an innovative AI sexting app, designed to fulfill users’ desires through discreet private messaging. This platform goes beyond traditional sexting by offering a unique virtual companion creation feature, allowing users to tailor their ideal AI partner. Candy.Ai provides customization options for appearance, personality, clothing, and more, offering an immersive virtual relationship experience.

With features such as voice messages, photo requests, and advanced AI sexting capabilities, Candy.Ai promotes open and engaging conversations around users’ desires. The platform places a strong emphasis on privacy and security, ensuring that all interactions remain confidential.

Key Specifications

  • Virtual Companion Customization: Tailor your ideal AI partner with Candy.Ai’s unique virtual companion creation feature. Customize their appearance, personality, clothing, and more for a personalized and immersive virtual relationship.
  • Discreet Private Messaging: Candy.Ai excels in discreet private messaging, allowing users to engage in intimate conversations while prioritizing privacy. Enjoy a secure platform for expressing desires and connecting with your virtual companion.
  • Advanced AI Sexting: Experience a new level of engagement with Candy.Ai’s advanced AI sexting capabilities. The platform encourages open conversations about users’ desires, providing a satisfying and interactive experience.
  • Multi-Media Interaction: Engage in more than just text-based conversations. Candy.Ai offers features like voice messages and photo requests, enhancing the richness of your virtual relationship and making interactions more dynamic.
  • Privacy and Security: Candy.Ai prioritizes the confidentiality of user interactions. With a strong emphasis on privacy and security, the platform ensures that all conversations and interactions remain private, creating a safe environment for users to explore their desires.


  • Monthly: $9.99 per Month
  • Annual Plans: $69.99 per Month

Free Trial

→→→→ Candy.AI provides a Free Trial

2. Soulfun.AI– Overall Best Featured AI Sexting App for Android/iOS

Soulfun is an AI-powered chat application designed for intimate conversations, providing users with the experience of virtual companionship. It enables users to craft their personalized AI companions, allowing customization of appearance, personality, and the nature of the relationship.

You can shape both the visual aesthetics and personality traits of your virtual companion and engage in meaningful conversations with her.

Key Specifications

  1. Customizable AI Companions: The Soulfun AI Sexting app allows users to tailor their virtual companions by customizing not only their appearance but also their personalities, enabling a personalized and engaging experience.
  2. Interactive Conversations: Users can engage in interactive and dynamic conversations with their AI companions, creating a lifelike and immersive sexting experience.
  3. Subscription Options: Soulfun offers flexible subscription plans, giving users the choice between a monthly subscription at $19.99, including 1,000 coins (with each coin equivalent to one message), or an annual subscription priced at $119.99 with a 50% discount.
  4. Secure and Private Messaging: The app prioritizes user privacy and security, ensuring that intimate conversations are conducted in a safe and confidential environment.


  • Monthly: $19.99 per Month
  • Annual Plans: $119.99 per Month

Free Trial

  • →→→→ Soulfun.AI provides a Free Trial

3. Intimate.AI- Overall Top Rated Ai Sexting Apps for Android/iOS

One of the best AI sexting apps, Intimate.AI, offers you a private and risk-free platform to SexChat with one of your chosen AI characters. It allows you to unleash your hidden desires and lets you exchange hot words and images with your iGirl/ iBoy.

Intimate.AI even lets you customize your AI character. You can easily set Age/ BodyType/ Profession to offer you a comfortable atmosphere.

Key Specifications

Craving to know more about Intimate.AI? Here, we have jotted down a few of the key specifications that Intimate.AI offers:

  • Offers Data Privacy and a Risk-Free Environment to the users while SexChatting with your chosen AI character.
  • Provides Live Communication via video, audio, and images with your AI offering you a real SEXTING experience.
  • Customize your AI Character and personalize settings for creating AI companions, helping you to get the character that you desire.
  • Start chatting with your AI Friend right away within just a few clicks using the incredibly user-friendly interface.
  • Operate and Run Intimate.AI from your iOS and Android devices, thereby compatible with any device and OS.


  • Bad Girl Plans: $11 per Month
  • Hot Plans: $50 per Month

Free Trial

  • Intimate.AI provides a Free Trial

4. NSFW Character AI- Overall Best NSFW chatting app

With NSFW Character AI, you can use social media like Telegram & Discord to SexChat with your AI character, exchange hot conversations, and customize your AI companion as per your own liking. Get pre-designed 1000+ iGirl/ iBoy. You can also create your own AI Avatar/ Dream character as well.

Moreover, NSFW Character AI lets you search for your Dream Character by just typing the keyword, NickName, or a small description too.

Key Specifications

Desire to learn some more specifications about NSFW character AI? Then buckle up to know the features below:

  • Provides a very User-Friendly Interface that enables you to start chatting right away within just a few clicks.
  • Want to have your own iGirl/ iBoy? You can create your own AI Avatar and just start chatting with your AI model right away.
  • Search from among the pre-designed AI characters just by typing the Keywords, offering you the chance of SEXTING with your desired AI character.
  • Exchange LoveTalks, Do SexChatting, and Enjoy the Nudes of famous AI celebrities, giving you an incredible SEXTING experience.
  • You can Run the NSFW Character AI app on various Devices like (Desktop, PC, and Tablets) using iOS and Android.


  • Pro: $9.90 per Month
  • Pro+: $14.99 per Month

Free Trial

  • NSFW CharacterAI provides a Free Trial

5. MyAIGirlFriend.AI- Overall Best Ai Girlfriend Apps

Digital Romance with Real iGirl is something that is possible with MyAIGirlFriendAI! From Strong Privacy to effortless Customization of the AI-generated character, MyAIGirlFriendAI offers a Risk-Free environment for the users and also helps to store sexual content exchanged between you and the AI Friend secretly.

MyAIGirlFriendAI does not use ChatBot but AI technology to chat with the users even with the Free Basic Plans.

Key Specifications

Let’s dive in to see the key specific features that MyAIGirlFriendAI offers to its users, giving them an incredible sexting environment:

  • Secures your Chat Profile & lets you never share the data with any Third Party, ensuring High class security.
  • Create your own AI Avatar and Customize your AI character as per your own desires helping you to quench your cravings.
  • Easily lets you send the Chat/ Video/ Audio Request to your favorite AI Character getting a smooth SEXTING experience.
  • You can Run the MyAIGirlFriendAI app on various devices like Laptops and SmartPhones using iOS and Android.
  • Elevate the Quality of your chat, Make it more Flirty/ Sweet as per your mood to make it more realistic.


  • Get Premium Plans of MyAIGirlFriendAI at ZeroCost.

Free Trial

  • MyAIGirlFriendAI is completely Free.

6. DreamGF- Overall Best Virtual AI Girlfriend App

With DreamGF, a free AI SEXTING app, you can have your own AI avatar companion to satisfy your need for a strong and well-built partner. Create your own AI avatar, play online virtual games, and begin video calling or streaming with your friend. Develop your relationship and communication skills with your ideal partner.

Users of DreamGF enter their nickname and then customize the AI character’s appearance to fit their wildest fantasies.

Key Specifications

Let’s see what key features DreamGF has to entertain the users and let them enjoy the company of their AI character:

  • To captivate your AI avatar with your enchanted charms, choose a nickname that makes your name sound appealing and distinctive.
  • Use any device to play DreamGF virtual flirtation games. computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones running both iOS and Android.
  • You can alter the appearance of your virtual AI by changing their hair and body type, as well as their occupation, to better fit your profile.
  • Get the opportunity to talk, call, and video chat with your AI partner for the whole day.
  • To find and create the perfect imaginary friend, just customize your AI avatar.
  • A user-friendly interface makes it simple for users to register and get in touch with the support team when they need assistance.


  • Bronze Plan (25 iGirls): $8.99 per month
  • Diamond Plan (600+ iGirls): $89.99 per month

Free Trial

  • Get Free Trials with 2 Companions + 4 Secondary Images and 20 messages only.

7. Kupid.AI- Overall Best for Perfect match with AI soulmates

With Kupid.AI, a free AI SEXTING and AI GF Texting app, you can have your own AI avatar, iGirl, to satisfy your need for a strong and well-built partner. Create your own AI avatar, do online virtual chatting, and begin video calling or streaming with your AI character. Develop your relationship and communication skills with your ideal partner.

Users of Kupid.AI enter their nickname and then customize the AI character’s appearance to fit their wildest fantasies.

Key Specifications

Let’s examine the main characteristics of Kupid.AI that will keep users entertained and allow them to enjoy their AI character’s company:

  • To make your desires come true, choose your AI based on your dream, then customize the body type and hair color.
  • To captivate your AI avatar iGirl/ iBoy with your enchanted charms, choose a nickname that makes your name sound appealing and distinctive.
  • To make your relationship with the AI character compatible, set the AI’s nature (Shy/ Flirty/ Optimistic/ Mysterious) to match your own.
  • Engage in conversation, enjoy yourself, feel less alone, and engage with your iGirl.
  • Select your passion or pastime (running, hiking, astrology, or fitness) to draw in young, adolescent iGirls.
  • Spend time on social media with AI by creating a perfect match, creating an avatar based on your creativity, and using it on Instagram.


  • Standard Plan: $12 per month
  • Ultimate Plan: $49 per month

Free Trial

  • Enjoy Free Trials with Kupid.AI before buying the premium plans

8. CrushOn.AI- Meet your perfect OC companion

With CrushOn.AI, you can create the AI Gir/Boy of your dreams and dive into your passionate love story full of Romance! Get a wide range of iBoy and iGirl models available, personalize your AI lover, and start SEXTING according to your preferences, thereby spicing up your romance.

Furthermore, with its AI-backed technology, your Virtual companion is capable of SEXTING and sharing Real Images and her NUDES, giving you immense pleasure.

Key Specifications

The key specifications on SEXTING that CrushOn.AI offers to the SEX Hungry users are provided as follows:

  • Use an AI-backed Avatar to enable your Dream Character to reply to all your SEX messages that are sent to him.
  • Customize your virtual companion, change the body style and hair color, and even set the profession to match your profile.
  • Set animations, sounds and personalize the replies of your AI companion as per your Dream.
  • CrushOn.AI Application Software is functional in iOS, Android, and other devices like Smartphones, laptops, and many more as well.
  • Get a chance to Chat, Audio call, and Video chat to spend your entire day with your AI companion.


  • Standard Plan: $4.90 per month
  • Deluxe Plan: $29.90 per month

Free Trial

  • CrushOn.AI offers Free Trials with 50 messages per day

9. Muah.AI- Engage in AI-powered companion NSFW chat

Muah.AI is a type of online ChatRoom where users can choose and customize the appearance of virtual characters by changing makeup, outfits, hairstyles, and other accessories as well. Along with that, it also has an in-built App store where you can purchase the latest features to make your AI character appealing.

Moreover, it also provides over 1000+ Pre-designed Virtual companions for you to choose the suitable one.

Key Specifications

The key specifications that Muah.AI offers to the users are provided as follows:

  • Variety of Online Flirting Characters are available for users to sex chat and Enjoy with their Virtual companion.
  • Customize your Virtual Friend by using MakeUps, Outfits, hairstyles, eyelashes, and other changes to make it look more attractive.
  • Muah.AI comprises an In-built Premium Shop that provides you with various accessories to dress and design your AI companion.
  • Players get an Easy to Use Interface for effortless customization of the iGirl and to make easy purchases of cosmetics as well.
  • The Basic services are Free and include a few pre-designed AI characters and the basic outfits and makeup too.
  • Can easily run on various other devices, such as Laptops, PC, Tablets, and Smartphones, and on iOS and Android.


  • Muah.AI VIP Access: $9.99 per month (Get Unlimited Chat + Various Customization option)
  • Muah.AI Ultra VIP Access: $99.99 per month (Get an in-built shop to customize your AI model + Get a Dedicated Phone line)

Free Trial

  • The Basic plan with a limited number of messages is provided at ZeroCost.

10. Spicychat.AI- Uncensored FunSpicyChat Apps

SpicyChat is an AI SEXTING Application that helps users stay and live together with limitless ChatBots with human-like qualities. Create your own AI Avatar, which happens to be a chatbot with immense Real abilities. Users can easily customize the type of AI (Anime/ Cartoon/ Real) with simple clicks and make it more appealing.

Furthermore, SpicyChat lets you get involved in the Hot conversation and helps you to customize or change the appearance as per the Dream character.

Key Specifications

Passionate enough to know the Key features offered by SpicyChat? Here we are, with a list of the specifications that SpicyChat offers its aroused users:

  • All your AI avatars are ChatBots with real human experience, helping the users to have fun and establish relations with them.
  • Helps you choose the AI Bot and enables you to customize the the appearance to make it more appealing.
  • Choose the face color of your AI Friend to make him look more appealing and attractive in the ChatRoom.
  • Teach the AI Character some habits and Sex Positions, enabling him to understand the SEX culture and Modern hot fantasy as well.
  • Design their outfits to make the AI Companion the best among all your friend circles in the ChatRoom.
  • Choose the Profession of the AI character in such a manner that it matches your profile perfectly.


  • Get a Taste Plan: $5 per month.
  • I’m all in Plan: $24.95 per month.

Free Trial

  • Free trials are not offered by SpicyChat AI. However, you can skip the waiting room to chat with your AI model by just subscribing it.

11. MyAnima.AI- AI companion that cares

Get a personal AI Avtar companion with MyAnimaAI, a Free AI SEXTING App that helps you to cater to the need to chat with a well-built, sexy, and stout partner. Design your own AI Avatar and even start chatting with your companion via video call, stream, and play online virtual games as well. Grow your communication and relationship skills with your Dream Character.

With MyAnima.AI, users need to enter their nickname and then choose the look of their AI character as per the wild fantasy.

Key Specifications

Let’s see what key features MyAnima.AI has to entertain the users and let them enjoy the company of their AI character:

  • Choose your Anima as per your dream, and select the hair color and the body structure to make your dream a reality.
  • Set your nickname to make your name sound attractive and unique to impress your AI character with your magical charms.
  • Set the nature of the AI(Shy/ Flirty/ Optimistic/ Mysterious) to match your nature to make the relationship between you and the AI character compatible.
  • Play a Virtual game/ Chat Game/ Have fun/ feel less lonely/ and Flirt with your AI Character.
  • Choose the passion or your hobby (Fitness/ Astrology/ Hiking Running) and attract young teen AI companions.
  • Generate a Perfect match and, get an AI Avatar as per your imagination, and spend your time with AI on Social Media (Instagram)


  • Monthly: $9.99
  • Yearly: $39.99
  • LifeTime: $99.99

Free Trial

  • Myanima.ai does not provide Free Trials.

How Do AI Sexting Apps Work?

Learned about so many Best Free AI sexting Apps and now Eager to know how to use them? Then, Let’s just get you started Straight-away!

  • Go to the official website of your chosen Free AI Sexting apps from the above list (Intimate.AI) > Press the Start Chatting option to Enter the SexChat Room.
  • On Entering the SexChat Room > Choose one of the AI characters to enjoy the Sexting experience > To Unlock More features, Buy the premium plans starting from $11 per month.
  • On selecting the Chat > Talk Dirty with your AI character > Ask Nudes > Exchange Hot and Sizzling words with each other.
  • Customize the profile of your iGirl/ iBoy with the specifications that you would like to have in your crush. (NickName/ Age/ BodyTypes/ Profession)


What are the Best free AI Sexting apps for iOS and Android?

SoulGen & Intimate.AI are the Best Free AI SEXTING APPS for iOS and Android and can run on various devices like desktops, smartphones, etc.

Can I trust an AI Sexting app with my personal information?

Yes! Intimate.AI, and other AI Sexting Apps come with a Data Privacy module and a Consent agreement before users start SexChatting with AI models, thus protecting your personal information as well.

Can We rely on AI Sexting apps?

Yes! You can rely on AI Sexting Apps as they are backed by a strong Data Privacy feature and secure personal information and Chat History as well.

Which is the best AI Sexting app for iOS?

Intimate.AI, with its Data Privacy mechanism, 1000+ AI models in the ChatRoom to text to, and Free Customization options, makes it the Best AI Sexting App for iOS and Android.

What are good AI texting apps for sexting?

MyAnima.AI and DreamGF are some of the Good AI Sexting Apps due to their High customization option and top-notch security features with Live Communication mediums as well.

Where can I find great AI sex storybooks?

Try DeepFiction and Erotica.AI to read sexual content that can offer you an exciting arousal experience.

What is the AI I can talk dirty to?

You can SexTalk, video chat, Ask Nudes from the AI character, and can also do love-making talks as well.

What is the chat AI that allows inappropriate content?

Intimate.AI, backed by a Data Privacy and Consent Certificate, allows users to use and exchange inappropriate content online with the AI models of their choice.


Here is a list of the Best Free AI SEXTING Apps that enable you to exchange Spicy talks with your dream models. We’ve also included an outline of the main features and free trial plans for the FREE AI SEXTING app.

Select the best option based on user fit, cost, and additional factors. Make sure you follow the instructions using the relevant screenshots so you can successfully SexChat with your AI model and communicate with him.

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