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Write for us + Tech, Education, Web Design, Digital Marketing, Business: In this section, you will get to know about guest posts and sponsored posts along with various opportunities related to them. 

Guest Post & Sponsored Posts

A guest post is a post that comes from fellow bloggers while on other hand, a sponsored post is the post referring to a particular company or service or review. 

The article would be fully transparent and decide whether a particular post is guest or sponsored. 

Write for us

We allow 1 do-follow link to your site. You can either insert it in the content or in the author’s bio. When a guest post is crafted for a particular story, they give the best outcomes. There should be a purpose while the person is writing the guest post not just the reading sounds forced.

The sponsored post will include one link to your site along with maximum exposure through social media channels. Also, there is no fixed price i.e. criterion for a sponsored post. All sponsored posts will be promoted at the same level. 

To gain credibility and national exposure in no time, Sponsored posts are a great way. We allow sponsored posts, footer text links (inserted under the Useful Resources section on the site), product reviews, and text links to existing posts.  

Guest Post & Sponsored Posts – Write for us

A guest post is a post that comes from fellow bloggers whereas a sponsored post is likely a post referring to a post about a company or service.

I’d like for you to remain transparent upfront regarding your interest and whether it is a guest post or sponsored post.

Guest Posts

For guest posting, you can include one link to your site and include an author’s bio. Please email me with 3-5 suggested topics beforehand. These posts are for bloggers specifically. You can fill out our contact form located at the bottom of the page to submit your topics.

Take your time submitting your topics. Guest posts do the best when they are crafted for a particular story and have a purpose. Not when the reading sounds forced.

There is no set price for sponsored posts, but we will include one link to your site as well as maximum exposure through our social media channels. I promote all sponsored posts at the same level as my own.

Sponsored posts are a great way for up-and-coming companies to gain credible and national exposure instantly.

If you are interested in a sponsored post, please read the criteria for posting and contact me for further information. Sponsored posts will be marked as no-follow to comply with search engine compliance requests.

Criteria for Posting

The first and most important thing is that plagiarism is not allowed. The article must be having 100% original content which means once it is posted on your blog it cannot be posted anywhere else. 

Links: You can include one link to your topic. You can link two different contents that you found a little relevant and suitable for your article. It is advisable to include the author’s bio in your post.

Content Style: this must be evergreen.

Length: The suitable article is the one having 2000 words. The minimum limit however is fixed to 1000 words. Make sure your article is not less than that word limit. The article should be clear and concise and should also be to the point. 

Frequency:  There is no requirement fixed for this.

Submission: Submit the article with proper heading and font and with all correct uppercase and lowercase wherever required.

Photo:  You can also use images in your blog. You can use Pixabay and copyright-free images only. But using your own image that you captured will give it a real look for better results.

Deadline:  There is no fixed deadline. You can take your time to write it up in the manner required.

Promotion:  Guest post participants promote their articles by linking to their prior articles to maximize page views.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQ

Are there any specific rules that need to be followed?

The article must be having 100% original content which means once it is posted on your blog it cannot be posted anywhere else. Use English(US) for writing content.

Any content formatting rules that I need to follow?

The title of the article should be in H1 or heading 1. 

You can contact us directly through mail: [email protected]