5 Best Unmetered 10Gbps Dedicated Server Providers

10Gbps dedicated server providers

In today’s fast-paced digital world, having a website that can keep up with your business’s or online presence’s demands is critical. A dedicated server provides a dedicated environment for hosting your website, with no other users sharing resources. This type of hosting solution is essential for those who need high bandwidth and low latency for their websites, applications, or online games.

This article will concentrate on unmetered 10GBps dedicated server providers, giving you a thorough overview of the best providers in this category. Whether you need a dedicated server for your business website, a gaming server, or a complex application, this article will assist you in finding the best solution for your requirements.

With unmetered bandwidth, you’ll never have to worry about your website slowing down due to limited resources, making these dedicated server providers an excellent choice for anyone looking for high-speed, reliable hosting.

5 Best Unmetered 10GBps Dedicated Server Providers

Explore the top 5 unmetered 10GBps dedicated server providers, which offer the best hosting solution for high-traffic websites, complex applications, and gaming servers. These top-tier providers offer unlimited bandwidth and lightning-fast speeds. Make an informed decision to elevate your online presence.

#1 Liquidweb – High Level Performance & Security

LiquidWeb is a premium hosting provider that provides a variety of hosting solutions, including 10GBps dedicated servers. What distinguishes LiquidWeb from other dedicated server providers is its dedication to providing exceptional performance and customer service.

Liquidweb overview

With LiquidWeb’s 10GBps dedicated servers, you can expect lightning-fast speeds and unlimited bandwidth, making it an excellent choice for businesses and individuals with high-demand hosting requirements.

Furthermore, LiquidWeb’s highly skilled support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any questions or issues you may have, ensuring that you have the best possible experience with their dedicated servers.

Features Of Liquidweb

Liquid Web is a dedicated server provider that offers a variety of features for its 10Gbps dedicated server plans:

High-Speed Connectivity: Liquid Web’s 10Gbps dedicated servers provide fast and reliable connectivity for businesses with high bandwidth requirements.

Managed Hosting: Liquid Web offers managed hosting services, meaning their team will handle server maintenance, security updates, and technical support for you.

Customizable Hardware: Liquid Web’s dedicated servers are highly customizable, allowing you to choose the processor, memory, and storage options that best suit your needs.

Robust Security: Liquid Web provides extensive security features to protect your data, including firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention, and anti-malware protection.

Scalability: Liquid Web’s dedicated servers are designed to be scalable, so you can easily upgrade your resources as your business grows.

Reliable Uptime: Liquid Web offers a 100% network and a power uptime guarantee, ensuring that your website and applications will always be available to your customers.

24/7 Support: Liquid Web provides 24/7 technical support via phone, chat, and email, so you can get help whenever you need it.

Backups: Liquid Web offers automatic daily backups to help protect your data and ensure that you can quickly recover from any disruptions.

Root Access: Liquid Web’s dedicated servers provide root access, allowing you to install custom software and configure the server to meet your specific needs.

Advanced Monitoring: Liquid Web offers advanced server monitoring tools to help you quickly identify and resolve any performance issues.

#2 Linode – Powerful Infrastructure

Linode is a cloud hosting company that provides dedicated servers with 10 Gbps network connectivity, making it a standout among dedicated server providers. Customers benefit from high network performance thanks to the 10 Gbps network connectivity, which is especially important for applications that require fast data transfer speeds, such as high-traffic websites, video and audio streaming, and large data transfers.

Linode Overview

Linode’s dedicated servers provide a variety of features and benefits, including customizable hardware configurations, scalable resources, and 24/7 support, in addition to high-performance network connectivity. Linode is a strong option for businesses and organizations that require a high level of performance and reliability from their dedicated servers due to the combination of these factors.

Features Of Linode

As a 10Gbps dedicated server provider, Linode offers the following unique features:

Customizable Resources: Linode provides the ability to configure your server resources, such as RAM, CPU, and storage, to meet the specific needs of your workloads.

High-Speed Storage Options: Linode offers high-speed storage options, including NVMe and SATA-based storage, to support high I/O requirements.

Reliable Infrastructure: Linode operates multiple data centers globally and provides 24/7 monitoring and support to ensure reliable uptime for its customers.

Easy Scalability: Linode’s infrastructure is designed for scalability, making it easy for customers to upgrade or downscale their server resources as their needs change.

Wide Range of Linux Distributions: Linode offers a wide range of Linux distributions, including popular options such as Debian, Ubuntu, and CentOS, to meet a variety of application requirements.

Robust Security Features: Linode implements various security measures, including firewalls, automatic backups, and DDoS protection, to ensure the safety of customer data and systems.

Developer-Friendly Tools: Linode provides a range of developer-friendly tools and APIs, making it easier to deploy, manage, and automate your infrastructure.

#3 UltaHost – Best Dedicated Server Plans

UltaHost is a web hosting provider that provides a variety of hosting services, including dedicated servers. Customers who require high performance and scalability can benefit from the company’s 10Gbps dedicated servers, which provide high-speed, dependable, and secure hosting solutions. Customers can expect fast data transfer speeds, low latency, and the ability to handle high levels of traffic without performance degradation when using a 10Gbps dedicated server.

Ultahost overview

UltaHost is therefore an excellent choice for websites and applications requiring a high-performance hosting environment, such as e-commerce sites, gaming servers, or large-scale enterprise applications. UltaHost also offers 24/7 customer support, ensuring that customers receive prompt assistance when they require it.

Features Of UltaHost

UltaHost’s dedicated servers come with several unique features, which include:

High-Speed Network: With 10Gbps network speed, UltaHost’s dedicated servers provide fast and reliable data transfer, ensuring that your website or application is always accessible and responsive to visitors.

NVMe SSD Storage: UltaHost’s dedicated servers use the latest NVMe SSD technology to provide fast and reliable storage, ensuring that your data is stored securely and efficiently.

Daily Backups: To protect your data and prevent data loss, UltaHost provides daily backups of your dedicated server, ensuring that your data is always secure and recoverable in the event of a disaster.

cPanel: UltaHost provides a modern cPanel control panel, allowing you to manage your dedicated server easily and efficiently, without any technical expertise required.

Free SSL Certificate: UltaHost provides a free SSL certificate with all dedicated servers, ensuring that your website or application is secure and protected from cyber threats.

24/7 Customer Support: UltaHost provides 24/7 customer support, ensuring that you receive prompt assistance whenever you need it. Whether you need help with a technical issue or have a question about your dedicated server, UltaHost’s support team is always there to help.

These features make UltaHost’s dedicated servers a highly desirable choice for businesses and organizations that require high-performance, scalable, and secure hosting solutions.

#4 A2 Hosting – Fast & Reliable Dedicated Server

A2 Hosting is a web hosting company that provides dedicated server hosting solutions, including servers with network speeds of up to 10Gbps. A2 Hosting stands out among dedicated server providers due to its emphasis on high-speed networking, which is important for businesses and organizations that require fast and reliable connections for their applications and websites.

A2 Hosting overview

A2 Hosting’s 10Gbps dedicated servers enable customers to transfer large amounts of data quickly and efficiently, which is critical for demanding applications and high-traffic websites. A2 Hosting also offers 24/7 customer support and a variety of customization options for their dedicated server offerings, making it an appealing choice for businesses and organizations seeking flexible, fast, and reliable hosting solutions.

Features Of A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting’s dedicated server offerings come with a range of features that set them apart in the market. Some of the unique features include:

High-Speed Network: A2 Hosting’s dedicated servers are equipped with 10Gbps network speeds, allowing for fast and efficient data transfers.

Customizable Hardware: A2 Hosting provides customers with a range of hardware options, including the ability to select the processor, RAM, and storage configuration to meet their specific requirements.

Root Access: A2 Hosting’s dedicated servers come with root access, allowing customers to have complete control over their server and install any software they need.

Managed Services: A2 Hosting offers managed dedicated server plans, which include server management tasks such as security updates, software installation, and server monitoring.

24/7 Support: A2 Hosting provides 24/7 customer support, ensuring that customers can receive assistance with any questions or issues they may have with their dedicated server.

Turbo Boost Option: A2 Hosting’s dedicated server plans include the option to add their proprietary Turbo Boost technology, which provides faster page load times for websites hosted on the server.

These unique features make A2 Hosting’s dedicated server offerings a competitive option for businesses and organizations looking for high-performance, flexible, and reliable hosting solutions.

#5 Vultr – Best Customizable Servers

Vultr is a cloud computing company that offers a range of infrastructure services, including dedicated servers. One unique aspect of Vultr’s dedicated server offering is its support for high-speed 10Gbps network connections. This sets Vultr apart from many other cloud computing providers who typically offer lower network speeds, or may not offer dedicated servers with such fast networking capabilities.

Vultr overview

With a 10Gbps dedicated server, Vultr customers can benefit from greatly improved performance and lower latency, making it an ideal solution for demanding applications such as high-volume data processing, large-scale content delivery, or online gaming.

Features Of Vultr

Vultr’s dedicated server offering has several unique features that set it apart from other providers:

High-Speed Networking: Vultr’s dedicated servers offer 10Gbps network connections, providing fast and reliable performance for demanding applications.

Global Coverage: Vultr operates a global network of data centers, allowing customers to deploy dedicated servers in multiple locations around the world.

Customizable Server Configurations: Vultr allows customers to configure their dedicated servers with a range of hardware options, including CPU, RAM, storage, and network bandwidth.

Automated Deployment: Vultr’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to deploy and manage dedicated servers, with the ability to automate server provisioning and deployment through APIs and scripts.

Advanced Networking Features: Vultr’s dedicated servers include advanced networking features such as firewalls, private networks, and load balancing, providing customers with a high level of control and flexibility for their network configurations.

24/7 Support: Vultr provides 24/7 support for its dedicated servers, ensuring that customers receive timely assistance with any technical issues they may encounter.

These unique features make Vultr’s dedicated server offering an attractive solution for customers who require high-performance, flexible, and globally-available computing resources.


Choosing the right unmetered 10GBps dedicated server provider is crucial for businesses and organizations that require fast and reliable internet speeds. The 5 providers mentioned in this article are some of the best in the market and provide top-notch services.

With their unmetered bandwidth, high-speed network, and 24/7 technical support, these providers are sure to meet the demands of any business. It’s important to take the time to consider your specific needs and budget to determine which provider is the best fit for your organization.

Whether you’re looking for a provider that specializes in gaming servers or one that provides robust security measures, you’re sure to find a provider that meets your needs from the list above.

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