KL Jackpot Chart: Kerala Jackpot Results 

KL Jackpot Chart

In search of the most recent Kerala Jackpot Result List and KL Jackpot Chart? Look nowhere else! The KL Jackpot Chart list is updated frequently, as you are all aware. You can check out the results here if you are still waiting. In order to help you monitor your progress, we will also give you a rundown of prior outcomes.

Additionally, you can get all the guidance you need in our special tips and tricks area to start selecting the right numbers just like an expert. Therefore, why not bookmark us right now to ensure that you have a closer look at all the KL Jackpot Charts? Let us go through this article to gather all the necessary information. 

KL Jackpot Charts: What are these?

In the Indian State of Kerala, there is a gambling and lottery game called Kerala Jackpot. It is a legal lottery-based game organized by government organizations. It was established in 1967 to increase the state’s ability to generate revenue. Some of the worth mentioning points regarding KL Jackpot are:

  • Regular Draws: Regular draws are held by these lotteries, typically every week or every two weeks, depending on the plan. To ensure fairness, the draws are handled in a transparent manner with live telecasts.
  • Legality: The Kerala State Lotteries is a legal and government-regulated lottery system within the state of Kerala. It operates under the Kerala State Lotteries Act, of 1967.
  • Prizes: The prizes offered by the Kerala State Lotteries can vary depending on the scheme and the specific prize tiers. Some of the lotteries offer substantial cash prizes, including jackpots, while others offer smaller prizes.
  • Various Lottery Schemes: The Kerala State Lotteries offers a variety of lottery schemes with different names and prize structures. Some of the popular lottery schemes include “Karunya,” “Win-Win,” “Akshaya,” “Sthree Sakthi,” “Pournami,” and “Nirmal,” among others. Each scheme has its own draw schedule and prize distribution.
  • Ticket Sales: Lottery tickets for Kerala State Lotteries are typically sold through authorized agents and retail outlets across the state. These tickets are available for purchase by residents of Kerala and tourists visiting the state.
  • Revenue Generation: The money made from the sale of lottery tickets is invested in the state’s infrastructure, healthcare, and educational systems, among other things.
Lottery NameKL Jackpot Today 
Timing 10:30 AM to 7:30 PM
1st Prize₹10,000/-
2nd Prize₹1000/-
State Kerala 
Result Date 10.09.2023

KL Jackpot Results Schedule 

The lotteries that are opened at certain time intervals are named differently. Here is the resulting schedule of different lotteries played throughout the day. 

Lottery NameResult Time
Lotto10:30 AM
Jackpot11:30 AM
Lucky12:30 PM
Queen01:30 PM
King03:30 PM
Star05:30 PM
Jackpot06:30 PM
Loto07:30 PM

KL Jackpot Chart: Weekly Updates

Date Lotto JackLucky Queen King StarJackLoto 
Time>>10:3011:3012:3001:3003:30 05:3006:3007:30

Kerala Jackpot Result Today

Time              1st Prize                10,000/*             2nd Prize               1000/*
10:30 AM84040
11:30 AM35050
12:30 PM24444
01:30 PM63636
03:30 PM35757
05:30 PMwaitwait
06:30 PMwaitwait
07:30 PMwaitwait

What Are The Kerala Jackpot Lottery Rules?

The Kerala State Lotteries Department operates various lottery schemes, including the KL Jackpot Chart. While the specific rules and regulations may vary slightly depending on the particular lottery scheme, here are the general rules and guidelines for participating in Kerala lotteries:

  1. Purchase of Tickets:
  • Tickets for Kerala lotteries, including the KL Jackpot Chart, can be purchased from authorized lottery agents, kiosks, and retail outlets across the state.
  • Tickets are typically sold for a fixed price, and the cost varies depending on the specific lottery scheme and ticket type (e.g., regular or bumper).
  • To avoid purchasing fake tickets, it’s crucial to make sure the source is legitimate and licensed.
  1. Ticket Numbers:
  • Kerala lotteries, including the KL Jackpot Chart, have various series, each denoted by a letter (e.g., Series A, Series B).
  • Within each series, there are multiple ticket numbers available for purchase.
  • Participants can choose their desired ticket numbers from the available range, and each ticket is uniquely identified by its series and number.
  1. Draw Dates and Results:
  • Kerala lotteries have specific draw dates, which are usually fixed and announced in advance.
  • Draws are conducted in a transparent and fair manner, often in public view or in the presence of government officials.
  • The winning numbers for each lottery scheme, including the KL Jackpot Chart, are drawn during these events.
  • Results are normally made available through authorized lottery retailers, in newspapers, and on the Kerala State Lotteries Department’s official website.
  1. Prize Tiers and Prizes:
  • Kerala lotteries offer various prize tiers, with different cash prizes for each.
  • The highest prize tier is the jackpot, which is awarded to the ticket holder with the exact match of the winning number.
  • Other prize tiers may include second prizes, consolation prizes, and additional categories, depending on the specific lottery scheme.
  • The prize money for each tier is predetermined and fixed, and winners are entitled to claim their prizes within a specified period.
  1. Claiming Prizes:
  • Lottery winners have a set amount of time, usually between 30 and 60 days after the draw date, in which to claim their winnings.
  • To claim a prize, winners must present their winning ticket, along with valid identification, at an authorized lottery claim center.
  • Prizes are paid out in the form of a check or demand draft, and taxation rules may apply.
  1. Legal Age:
  • Participants must be of legal age, typically 18 years or older, to purchase and play Kerala lottery tickets.

Points To Consider Before Applying 

  • After winning the lottery, you have 30 days to withdraw.
  • You should be able to win up to one lakh rupees in the lottery you want to enter.
  • If your lottery wins, you will have to pay a 30% tax.
  • In this scenario, you would not be subject to taxation if the profit you make is less than Rs. 10,000.
  • After comprehensive verification, you can get your winnings.


  • Because of its low cost, everyone can participate in the Kerala Lottery.
  • The state-run lottery industry is legitimate and has the potential to improve the winners’ financial situations.
  • Tax revenue from lottery winnings is also used to fund governmental changes.


  • The winners could be just a few people among thousands of participants. Apart from them, no participants win anything.
  • As it is a lottery game, it could lead to addiction and many other financial issues. 

Wrapping Up 

Playing the Kerala Jackpot is exciting, thrilling, and fun all at the same time. If you believe in your luck then you can definitely give it a try. The only requirement is to buy the lottery ticket and wait for the numbers to appear. 

It continues to be a favorite among many due to its open procedures and support for social welfare projects. The Kerala Jackpot Lottery’s attraction and thrill are displayed in the live chart for today. You must remember that winning is fun but you will need to deal with gambling very sensibly. 

Having said that, just stay connected with us to get all the information and updates regarding the Kerala Jackpot Lottery. Share your reviews of reading the article in the comments section below. 

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FAQs: KL Jackpot Chart

Ques. How do I participate in the Kerala Lottery Jackpot?

Ans. You must purchase a lottery ticket from an authorized lottery agent or vendor in Kerala if you want to be eligible to win the Kerala Lottery Jackpot. Tickets are typically available at various price points, and you can choose the one that suits your budget.

Ques. What are the different types of Kerala Lottery Jackpot schemes?

Ans. Kerala offers several lottery schemes, each with its own jackpot prize. Some popular Kerala lottery schemes include Win-Win, Karunya, Akshaya, Pournami, and Sthree Sakthi, among others. Each scheme has its own draw schedule and prize structure.

Ques. How much can I win in the Kerala Lottery Jackpot?

Ans. The prize amount for the Kerala Lottery Jackpot varies depending on the scheme and the specific draw. A few lakhs to several crores of Indian Rupees can be won in the jackpot. The exact prize amount will be announced when the lottery results are drawn.

Ques. What is the cost of a Kerala Lottery Jackpot ticket?

Ans. The cost of a Kerala Lottery Jackpot ticket varies based on the scheme and the prize amount. Tickets can range from as low as 30 INR to 100 INR or more for the higher-priced lotteries.

Ques. How are the Kerala Lottery Jackpot winners chosen?

Ans. Winners of the Kerala Lottery Jackpot are determined through a random draw process. To maintain fairness and transparency, the Kerala State Lotteries Department conducts these draws using automated equipment. The results are disclosed and the winning numbers are chosen at rand

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