Bluehost India Vs Bluehost.Com – Detailed Review 2022


Well, many of you will get confused between Bluehost India and and it is very common among newbies as almost all the visitors from India are redirected to Bluehost India Version and they end up buying the Cpanel hosting from the same, thinking that is the same hosting as, but actually it is not.

Now, You would be thinking, What is the difference between Bluehost India and Bluehost Com?

Which One is Better: Bluehost India Vs Bluehost Com?

And Many more similar Questions.

Well, the best way to answer all of your queries regarding this topic is to write a detailed comparison review.

Bluehost India Vs Bluehost Com: Comparison

Bluehost hosting Review

Server, Speed, and Reliability

Well, as you know, the EIG group owns Bluehost and they also run many other web hosting companies worldwide, one of those is the reseller club which is based in Mumbai, India. So, actually, Bluehost India is a part of their reseller Club, which means you will not get the same quality that you will get with

Although, this doesn’t mean that, Bluehost India is a waste, they are still good if you don’t have any international payment options like a credit card or PayPal. That will be the time when Bluehost India will be the best option for you, but if you have internal payment options, then I highly recommend as they have happier customers, and One of my clients also running his websites with great speed and reliability.

So far, he never faced any downtime in the last year. So, is highly recommended if you have payment options to pay internationally.

Support Quality

When it comes to supporting system quality, US-based hosting will always win when compared to India based Hosting. So, there is no point fetching this factor long, because I can easily can Support Quality better.

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Dashboard Difference

There is a huge difference between the dashboard of Bluehost India and Bluehost com, not in features, but in Looks. So, if you are familiar with the dashboard of, then you might feel a little awkward with the dashboard of Bluehost India, but you will get used to it in a few days. So, we cannot consider this as a negative point.

But still,

I will highly recommend Bluehost com over Bluehost India, and it will be the best option for you, based on My research unless you don’t have an international payment option.

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Bluehost India Vs Bluehost Com

A Detailed, Comparison Review of the India version of Bluehost and the worldwide version of Bluehost (Bluehost com vs Bluehost India) with ratings.

Bluehost Ratings

So, that concludes my post. I hope this comparison Review of Bluehost India Vs Bluehost Com is helpful. But if you still have any confusion, then don’t feel shy to ask your query via comments.

  1. I think, has more potential and we can rely on it more, according to my experience. So, I will suggest all of you to for for .com version instead of Bluehost India.

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