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Best Free Proxy Sites List

Best Free Proxy Sites List in the World, Claim your online freedom and unblock all the geo-blocked sites you want to access with these free proxy sites safely and anonymously.

I will share here Top free web proxies in the market today (all working). Nowadays, the increasing risk of hacking and inspection by agencies has also increased the ways by which you can hide from the online world.

Now you can use the internet without any restrictions and with complete anonymity with the help of several free web proxies.

What is Web Proxy?

Basically, a web proxy is a computer server that changes the computer user’s IP address without online traffic encryption. it allows the user to surf the internet with complete privacy. It also makes it difficult for the trackers to trace your information via your browsing history.

What is the Use of Proxy Site?

A proxy site is a committed PC or a product framework running on a PC that goes about as a middle person between an endpoint gadget, for example, a PC, and another server from which a client or customer is asking for an administration. The intermediary server may exist as an indistinguishable machine from the firewall server or it might be on a different server, which advances asks for through the firewall.

The main advantage of using a proxy is that it is based on the web service, so there is no need to install any application and you can use it for free without any registration.

The term proxy site is generally used to describe sites that allow you to surf anonymously. So if someone browses your website and signs up, the IP logged will be a proxy IP.

A proxy site is a way of accessing websites that are blocked by your Internet Service Provider(ISP), educational institute, office, or even by your government. The work of many professionals can be made easy by using these sites.

For example, if you are a journalist, then you need comprehensive reports on the current situation of any country. But you cannot access the reliable sources of that country.

This problem can be solved using proxy sites which might help you to access the official sites of the country to which you are officially limited. Everyone is afraid of being tracked by a spy or by mischievous websites having viruses.

A proxy site solves this issue by providing security to its users. The proxy servers block the access of malicious sites and third parties which in turn offers the users safe and anonymous surfing. Thus, proxy sites facilitate the users to surf anonymously without the fear of being tracked or hacked.

Does Every Proxy Site Reliable?

There are many proxy sites available on the internet. However, not every proxy site is reliable and beneficial. A public web proxy can be a problem for the user. The unreliable and unsecured proxy sites can alter the responses that the users receive or it can also result in the introduction of malware into the computer. Such proxy sites may also store your data which it can use later.

But there are some proxy sites which reliable and authentic according to the free proxy sites database. These are as follows:

Top Best Free Proxy Sites List – The Fastest Free Proxy

  11. HIDEME



This proxy site allows the option of premium VPN. It also allows the users to browse the internet without revealing their identity and IP address. The users can surf the internet faster and get access to restricted sites as well. gives the access to enter popular social media websites including Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, and Twitter without leaving any tracks. It is a very secure website that users can rely on. To browse the internet using, the users need to just type the website address they desire in the URL bar available which makes it very easy to use.



Hidester is a very safe and reliable web proxy. It offers great speed and is simple to use. It also provides the users with US and European servers which the users can use when they begin a session according to their requirements.

Also, unlike other free proxy websites, hidester gives its users the freedom to allowing/disallowing cookies, encrypted URLs, scripts, and objects either you begin a session or you are browsing a session.



BlewPass proxy website is for those who want to go incognito on the internet and especially for the ones who are familiar with the technology. This is so because BlewPass allows its clients to manage the encryption of the web page as well as the cookies.

This site can be of great use to those who are familiar with this stuff. It gives access to all kinds of banned websites including the restricted and blocked ones. It also has the power to unblock all the videos on YouTube.

The users can watch all YouTube videos easily without giving away their identity. BlewPass makes sure that the users enjoy the required security and privacy.


WHOER.NET changes the IP address quickly and also offers a ping test which enables the users to determine the response time of the server. Another feature of is that it allows its users to check the speed of the internet connection.

The proxy is, therefore, a quick way to change your IP address, unblock sites and gain anonymity on the servers in multiple countries for the users to choose from.



KProxy is another free proxy site. It is an ad-free site and is unique in various aspects. It is portable and has a free extension for commonly used browsers Chrome and Firefox.

The users can easily download the extension. Besides these two, the users can also have a specific proxy browser for KProxy. It is not a separate browser but just the Firefox browser with the extension already installed. It allows the users to hide the menu at the top of the screen.

This menu may interfere while browsing and generally, other web proxies lack this feature. KProxy provides you ten different serves and the users can switch from one server to another which in turn allows the users access to all the blocked sites by changing the IP.

This proxy site also supports HTTPS websites. The users can enjoy anonymous net surfing on other devices as well. The users can install KProxy applications concerning Chrome and Firefox browsers.



VPNbook is another free web proxy. It is a robust proxy feature offered by VPN service providers. It is an anonymous web proxy, which provides encrypted connections with different IPs.

It supports HTTPS and provides easy access to the websites just by typing the site URL at the top bar. It offers numerous services to the users such as unlimited website access with complete anonymity, no bandwidth limitation, and open VPN services. It also enables region-specific browsing which can help the users in many ways.



Megaproxy is a different site from all other free anonymous proxies mentioned earlier. It not only hides your IP but also marks the browser and the operating system.

Megaproxy disables access to your last visit by hiding HTTP referrer information which makes tracking by any spy, hacker, or even security services difficult. This site also has an option to block cookies, remove ads from web pages, and prevent animation repetition.

Megaproxy provides the user with encrypting and transforming cookies. It converts 20 web cookies into session-only cookies which increases user privacy.


DONTFILTER.US is another web proxy that claims to provide its users access to a wide range of blocked websites. It offers its users many options such as a simple search bar having features such as, removing the objects, page encryption, enabling and disabling the cookies, encrypting the URL as well as eliminating the scripts that might harm your computer.

It also has a friendly and simple design which helps the users to navigate quickly.



AnonyMouse is one of the best browser-based proxies available online. The users can access various sites by merely inserting their name in the address bar. It offers both free and paid services.

The free version allows the users to browse and send emails anonymously and supports Usenet(news) proxies that enable posting in newsgroups with a hidden identity.



It is the best option for accessing restricted web content. It is a collection of VPN proxies from all around the world and offers the services of both VPN and free proxies. It also prevents advertisements to enter your online traffic.

This proxy site is more fast, flexible and secure as compared to other sites. It is the easiest way to access worldwide content. It has a Google Chrome extension as well.



The servers offered by this proxy site do not save any of the database and IP address of its users permanently and are also free from ads and popup windows. It is also a faster and the most professional-looking proxy site.


Best Free Proxy Sites List

FilterByPass is another free proxy site that is typically suitable for videos. It provides quick anonymous access to several popular sites and supports major streaming sites including YouTube, DailyMotion, and Facebook. It allows unrestricted browsing by removing all the internet filters.

Therefore, everyone wants to surf the internet without exposing their original identity. Many proxies are available that claim to open the blocked websites. The above list provides some of the proxy sites that allow their users to surf safely and anonymously.

FAQs: Best Free Proxy Sites List

A proxy website: What is it?

A proxy is a website that gives users access to and visits websites that are restricted, banned, or blocked on their devices. These websites establish connections with other web servers to offer access to websites that are forbidden or restricted while protecting the IP address.

Does using a proxy site alter your IP address?

Proxy websites do certainly alter a user’s device’s IP address when they access restricted or blacklisted websites. By doing this, neither the web server nor the data tracking programme can determine your precise location.

Use of proxy websites is it secure?

As long as you avoid entering extensive sensitive or personal information into the prohibited websites, proxy websites are safe to use. Proxy simply forwards your traffic to other servers so they can show you the website you want to visit. The data is allegedly encrypted before being sent to the server by several free proxy websites. When heavily using proxy websites, users are then in charge of their own privacy and security.

How can I locate proxy websites?

By using Google or any of the websites indicated above, one can quickly find proxy websites.

Are proxy websites permitted?

As long as they are not blocked or subject to any usage restrictions by the government, proxy websites are generally legal.

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