How to tell if someone has blocked you on iMessage

How to tell if someone has blocked you on iMessage

IMessage stands as a prominent and widely used messaging platform among iOS users. However, with the convenience it provides, there come moments of uncertainty, especially when you suspect that someone has blocked you on iMessage. In this guide, we will explore subtle signs and ways to determine if someone has really blocked you and how to deal with such situations.

Signs of being blocked on iMessage

Unanswered messages

One of the early signs that may arouse suspicion is the lack of responses to your messages. If your messages consistently go unanswered, it’s worth investigating further.

No delivery information

In a normal iMessage conversation, you receive a delivery notification when your message arrives on the recipient’s device. If this notification is consistently absent, this could be an indicator.

Unable to see read receipts

iMessage typically notifies you when your message has been read with the familiar “Read” notification. If these notifications suddenly disappear, it could be a red flag.

Connectivity test

Sending a test message

To confirm your suspicions, consider sending the suspect a test message. Note any variations in delivery and read receipts.

View message status

Keep track of changes in the status of your messages. If they were not delivered or sent, this may indicate a block.

Trying to make a facetime call

Try calling the person on FaceTime. If the call fails or continues to go unanswered, this increases the chance of being blocked.

Checking iMessage Settings

Contact status is being verified

Navigate to the contact’s information within iMessage and check if their status shows up as ‘Blocked’. This could be a clear sign.

Checking iMessage Settings

Go to your iMessage settings and look for any changes related to the suspicious contact. Apple often provides settings that indicate a block.

Cross-referencing with other tools

Check if the suspicious person appears active on other Apple devices linked to your account. Discrepancies may indicate a blockage.

Analysis of message effects

Difference in message effects

iMessage allows users to send messages with various effects. If your messages no longer exhibit these effects, it may indicate a blockage.

Changes to typing pointers

The absence of typing indicators, especially if they were visible previously, may indicate blocking.

Checking profile changes

Profile picture is missing

If the person has removed their profile picture, it may be a sign of a deliberate attempt to distance themselves.

Absence from group chat

Check if the suspicious person is no longer part of the shared group chat. Exclusion may be intentional.

Seek third party assistance

Using Online Services

Many online services claim to help identify if someone has blocked you on iMessage. Although these are not infallible, they can provide additional information.

Search for dedicated apps

Some apps are designed to detect blocks on messaging platforms. Explore these carefully for supplementary information.

Reach person

Sending a follow up message

If your doubts persist, consider sending a follow-up message expressing concern. Be diplomatic to encourage open communication.

Diplomatically confirming suspicions

If appropriate, ask the person directly about any issues in communication. Approach the discussion with compassion and comprehension.

Deal with the situation

Considering options

If truly blocked, explore alternative means of communication or consider the need for continued conversation.

Reflection on relationship

Use this opportunity to consider the relationship and whether it is worth addressing the underlying issues.


Understanding the nuances of blocking on iMessage is essential to understanding the intricacies of human connection. By recognizing signals and employing subtle probing techniques, users can obtain information about the status of their communication channels. Remember, effective communication is based on openness and understanding.

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