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SEMrush is a very convenient platform for bloggers, SEO professionals, digital marketers, website owners, and Social media experts and it is a platform with multiple tools used for activities like comprehensive keyword research, detailed SEO audit for blogs, backlink tracking and strategizing, PPC advertising research, SMM research, etc.

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SEMrush is a powerful tool that is quite versatile and it provides you visibility of the marketing techniques used by competitors along with insights about your approach to the market. With this type of comprehensive information, you can determine which strategies will be best to implement in your online marketing campaigns.

It also guides you about why some companies are failing in marketing strategies. SEMrush works like your personal spy positioned in the market. It provides you with all the marketing approaches and strategies that are used by your competitors.

SEMrush Review 2022

What is SEMrush?

SEMrush is a robust and flexible intelligence platform that is all-in-one and can be used for online marketing, keyword research, SEO, PPC, Social media and Video advertising research.

With this suite, you can get complete visibility about the marketing activities of your competitors so that you can gain insight into their marketing approaches. When you have information about the strategies that work well in the market, you can implement those strategies in your own campaigns.

SEMrush provides you with reports and charts that are easy to understand and are calculated carefully. The dashboard in the suite helps you compare the domains so that you can get deeper insights and can clearly see the data.

Features of SEMrush:

There are several features of the platform that makes it stand out from the other marketing research tools which are:

  • Organic research: With the help of this astounding feature, you can see your competitor’s best keywords, observe the changes in the position of domains and discover new competitors.
  • Advertising research: With this feature, you can discover the budget and strategies used by your competitors’ and can analyze your rival’s keywords and advertising techniques. You can also localize your ad campaigns and can discover new competitors using Bing ads or AdWords.
  • Display Advertising: This feature helps you visualize top publishers and advertisers and you can also analyze the display ads of your rivals. You can see the displays using various devices and can also spot new publishers.
  • Backlinks: With the use of Backlink feature, the users can conduct a deep link analysis and understand the authority of referring domains. You can also spot the geo-location of your links and check the types of backlinks on other domains.
  • Keyword research: This feature allows you to find the right keywords for PPC and SEO campaigns and helps you get long tail keywords. You can also gather related keywords and phrase matches and can explore multilingual and multinational environments.
  • Product listing ads: It helps you get insight about your competitor’s product feeds and see the best performing PLAs of your competitors. The feature also defines your competitors of Product listing ads.
  • Keyword difficulty: You can find keywords that provide less competition and it helps you get an estimation of keyword difficulty.
  • Domain v/s Domain: With the help of this feature, you can see the unique and common keywords of several domains and can visualize the data. You can also check out the comparisons of domains as they are placed side-by-side.
  • Charts: With the help of detailed charts, you can conduct competitive analysis and can compare the domain with the help of Key visibility indicators.
  • Keyword Magic tool: With this amazing tool, you can get more than 2 million keyword ideas and pick the best keywords. You can also export the saved keywords to the SEMrush tools and analyze the keywords.

There are several other features like the Position tracking, Site Audit, Social media tracker, Brand monitoring, social media poster, SEO checker, organic traffic insights, PPC keyword tool, and content analyzer.

What is good about SEMrush?

  1. With SEMrush you will get amazing customer services and support as a large community uses the platform and a wide variety of knowledge is available to the subscribers.
  2. You can integrate and connect SEMrush to Google Analytics and search to track the performance of your website.
  3. With SEMrush community you will get webinars on the platform
  4. The team is continuously updating, adding features and enhancing the tool for betterment.
  5. This digital tool is multi-tasking and is an all in one digital marketing tool.
  6. With SEMrush you will get most advanced and detailed SEO and PPC marketing metrics
  7. You can create branded white label reports and can download the basic reports in PDF format
  8. You will get complete SEO reports that are perfect for marketing companies, large businesses, and other clients
  9. You can integrate SEMrush with Google Analytics and Google search console to track the performance of your website
  10. You can log in multiple times and generate about 10,000 reports per day with a business subscription

What needs improvement in SEMrush:

  1. Your clients will know that you are using the SEMrush to get the data.
  2. There are no Facebook ads and LinkedIn ad analysis.
  3. There is trouble in organizing the ads according to geographic campaigns
  4. Display advertising is only available for Google Adwords
  5. Nothing related to Instagram is available on SEMrush

How SEMrush increases website traffic?

The main traffic of the websites comes from the search engines, like when people type a keyword and look for website related to the keyword, your website ranking on search engines can be seen.

Topmost rankings are noticed quickly by the users while if your website is placed at the low ranking, users might not even notice it. SEMrush can help you find out about: what keywords can help your website rank higher on the search engine; How to improve its position on the search engine and ranking of competition websites.

SEMrush also helps in paid advertising by helping you discover what type of paid strategies are being used by your competitors.

How to Perform Keyword Research?

Keyword research is very important for digital marketing as it is the key to SEO and Paid marketing campaign. With SEMrush you get the ability to search keywords on country-specific domains and plan your strategies using those keywords.

For the USA, different keywords may apply, while for Australia, keywords may be different, so you can search country specific keywords and use them in SEO or Paid ads to receive a higher ranking on the search engines.

Finding your competitor’s best keywords?

SEMrush helps you in finding your competitors easily and you can spot which websites rank above you in search engines. Using the suite, you need to check the domain analytics section and click on the tabs of your competitors located under the organic research section tab. A map will appear on which competitors positioning can be seen.

This graph can help you see your own rank in comparison to your competitor. Then you can check out the keywords used by your competitor to achieve a high amount of traffic. You will get a complete overview of the keywords as well as traffic numbers along with competitor’s complete information when you hover over the circles in the map.

After this step, you need to check the domain overview section that gives you exact numbers of keywords, backlink numbers, paid search, organic search traffic numbers, etc. On the last page, you will find more useful data located under the map like a complete list of organic competitors, common keywords, competition level, and search engine keywords.

You can further gather more information about your top competitors so that you can compete with them and get a better ranking on the search engines. With the domain by domain comparison tool, you can check out the rankings of particular keywords and your own ranking position.

Analyzing your competitor’s content:

The next step is to analyze the content of the competitor, which includes his blog posts that are ranking well in the search engine. You need to spend adequate time in finding out which particular pages of your competitor are ranking high.

When researching on SEMrush under Domain analytics, you will get a list of top 100 pages along with the keywords that make the page rank higher on SE. By clicking on the links, you can go to the exact page that helps the website generate more traffic.

You can generate a complete report and export the keyword list. Later you have to find out long tail keywords and some extra keywords that you can leverage. It is better to follow a competitor that has a similar website to yours and avoid very large websites.

While analyzing the blog post of your competitor, you need to see:

  • What type of blog post is it?
  • Are there any videos, infographics, slides, etc.?
  • What types of images are used in the blog?

These factors will help you identify the type of content you need to produce in order to generate more traffic. You also need to position the keywords with care so that the search engines pick up the keywords and place it on top.

Make use of Keyword Magic to find new Keywords:

SEMrush has a feature namely SEO keyword Magic tool that can help you develop a large list of tools that have great potential and can target a great amount of traffic. These keywords can be grouped together for further evaluation.

Once you have the list of keywords, you can measure the difficulty of the keywords. You can compare different keywords on your list side by side and get a difficulty score of every keyword along with search volume. Sort out the easy-to-rank keywords and leave the ones that will be hard to target. With SEMrush you can track and monitor the changes in keyword ranking every month.

SEMrush for SEO:

Semrush for SEO

SEMrush is an astounding tool for SEO and it helps in digital marketing in a number of ways. Here are some ways in which it can be used.

  • It helps in keyword research for SEO and has a keyword difficulty tool that can give you relevant keywords and phrase match keywords along with details about the competitors.
  • It helps in performing competitor research and in researching the keywords that help the competitors rank higher on the search engines. SEMrush also helps in checking the backlinks of the competitor.
  • The site audit tool is amazing as it can help detect the broken links, on page site issues, duplicate content, Meta descriptions, etc.
  • With the help of position tracking tool, we can analyze the position of our site for numerous keywords.

SEMrush for PPC campaigns:

SEMrush for PPC

Pay Per Click campaigns are a great form of digital marketing and SEMrush can help in PPC in the following manner:

  • It can analyze the paid data of Bing and can track data on 28 types of Google
  • Product listing feature provides the information of your competitor’s ads
  • You can perform keyword research for PPC
  • Using the competitive analysis feature, you can discover your competitor’s ads, keywords, and CPC bids

Benefits of SEMrush in display advertising:

Display advertising feature on SEMrush helps you in the analysis of display ads placed by other companies along with bids and settings. With SEMrush you can perform deeper targeting by using the SEMrush Adsense Publisher’s report through which you can discover the websites targeted by your competitors.

SEMrush for business:

SEMrush is a great product for your business as it can help you track and spy on the progress of your competitors. The platform not only helps you find problems in your strategies but can help you learn about the special tactics used by other top ranking websites.

You can discover these strategies and implement in your business to reap great benefits. SEMrush helps you stay updated with the market conditions and helps you find the right keywords to target your website.

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Final verdict:

Whether you are a beginner or a Pro, SEMrush is a must-have platform as it can help you achieve great heights in your business. If you are a blogger, business owner or a digital marketer, SEMrush can help you achieve high ranking and a great amount of traffic with great ease.

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