One Fargo location sees the most police


FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) – Fargo police and the Downtown Community Partnership are trying to come up with new ideas and run through some numbers in their “Downtown Download”.

Lieutenant Bill Ahlfeldt spoke about the department’s upcoming plan for designated rideshare areas around the downtown area for safety and noise purposes.

He also discussed the number of calls to service, saying the downtown area receives many calls but he says they are all for proactive reasons.

However, he said the MATBUS is the number one location of calls, with 55 calls to service between April 18th to May 16th.

He said the majority of the calls were for disturbances.

He also said he wants Fargo police to work with the MATBUS security that currently supervises there.

“Do we need to be called for this or don’t we need to be called for this, what can you handle and what can we handle. My goal is to try to not only make the experience of MATBUS better for people going in and out but to try to lower our calls for service at that location,” said Lieutenant Ahlfeldt.

He said he’s happy with the community engagement and proactive services the department provides at the downtown locations.

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