How to properly measure snow


(WHSV) – We are in the thick of winter now as a third snowstorm will impact our area in just two weeks. The National Weather Service and WHSV First Alert Storm Team always appreciate your snow measurements, just make sure they are done correctly.

In order to find the best location to measure snow, make sure to avoid any areas that commonly have snow drifts, and away from any shelter. You also want to make sure you have a flat surface to measure on. Ideally, something at eye level such as a picnic table or deck can be good places to measure. It’s important to measure snow in the same place throughout the storm.

There are some things you shouldn't do measuring snow
There are some things you shouldn’t do measuring snow(WHSV)

If you were to measure snow from the ground, a snow board should be used. A snow board is any board that is flat and can be placed on the ground. Make sure the board is set up before the snow starts. Measuring snow every 6 hours is also a good practice.

If you are measuring snow, let us know through social media, email, or our weather phone line. Our weather phone line is (540) 433-9191 ext. 106. You can also send a report to the National Weather Service. You can email your reports to which is the Baltimore/Washington National Weather Service

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