How To Change The Watch Face On Your Android Wear Watch

If you are looking for a solution to change the watch face on an Android wear watch, then you are happy to know that it is an easy and quick method of customizing your smart watch.

The procedure to change a watch face is approximately too simple and quick, but worth enveloping for those, who are beginning with the Android wear or just moving towards it because of curiosity. But if you are new to this watch, then probably you want to know an easy method of changing it quickly.

Change The Watch Face On Your Android Wear Watch
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How to change?

Take a look at the steps to follow for changing the watch face:

  • So, in order to change the watch face, you need to lit up, select and hold only above the visible card, until you experience that you are watch is vibrated.
  • A collection of a wide range of watch faces will display afterwards, permitting you in swiping in either direction, left or right, to see the available faces of the watch. Selecting on one will pick up it and take you back to the main screen on the smart watch.
  • You will have to repeat the procedure as many times as you would prefer until you discover the accurate face for you.
  • It is essential to remember, based on how small or big the watch itself is, the text size used for notifications and cards will be changed. For glance, the smaller faces will let for bigger text of the notification to be altered. While on the other hand, analog faces compel the notifications to shrivel down that makes the space for hands of the watch.

Things to keep in mind

If you are interesting to know that how long until you are capable of seeing the customized watch faces made by developers, there is no need to wonder at all. In fact, Google does not formally provides a support for third party faces of the watch still, but which has not prevented developers from building out how to create and make them public via the Play Store. An instant search of the Google’s Play Store makes public several of the recent offerings.
To alter to a customized watch face, it is important to follow the identical steps mentioned above, but just after installing the needed app based on Android app, on your tablet or Smartphone.

A lot of options

When you are going to take one step further towards changing the face of your smart watch, then you will come across a lot of options to choose from. There are some of the watch faces that include RedBull, The Hundreds, Pac Man, and Zombies vs. Plants, Craig Ward, Despicable Me, Minkoff, Rebecca and many others.
You can choose any of the watch faces to place on your smart watch. All of them are interesting and exciting to get. A new Android wear app as well is on the way with the update to the platform of Android wear on its own. You can get a lot of features such as installing, surfing and switching faces of the watch really simple.

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