What is Oak Cliff’s oldest restaurant? The answer may surprise you

What is Oak Cliff's oldest restaurant? The answer may surprise you

Oak Cliff’s oldest restaurant was El Fenix, which opened its Colorado Boulevard outpost in 1948. But that’s been demolished now.

El Chico and Tupinamba, two of the oldest restaurants in Dallas, also have Oak Cliff in their past.

According to this list compiled by the Dallas Morning News, the oldest restaurant that still exists in Oak Cliff is Dallas Tortilla and Tamale Factory

That restaurant, on Marsalis at East 8th St., opened in 1950, the same year as Keller’s Drive-In and Campisi’s, according to the list.

Other old restaurants on the list are Norma’s, which opened in 1956; Charco Broiler, which opened in 1963; and Metro Diner, which opened in 1964.

It’s also worth noting that the oldest restaurant in Dallas might be Sonny Bryan’s on Inwood Road, and Sonny Bryan lived in Oak Cliff. His dad was Red Bryan, who built the restaurant that now houses El Ranchito. And Red Bryan’s father also owned a restaurant in Oak Cliff, starting in 1910.

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What is Oak Cliff's oldest restaurant? The answer may surprise you




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