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This software has plenty of uses in day to day life. The help in business, school, college, party planning, and many more domains.  Without this, we can’t even think about our general life in today’s world. But [pii_email_cf3398746f8ffdfafc70] error has been a pain in the ass.

Tech giant Microsoft is one of the most successful software range all over the globe. Various software of Microsoft everyday makes our lives easy. Software such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft One Note, Microsoft Stream, Microsoft To-do, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft One Drive, Microsoft Events, Microsoft Maths sliver, Microsoft Translator, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Planner, and the endless list continues. 

Might be freaked out with [pii_email_cf3398746f8ffdfafc70] error? Take A Chill Pill….

Microsoft Outlook has a primary role in communication. Although it is one of the best applications for our day to day communication purposes, sometimes it also starts creating a nuisance in the process. 

Microsoft Outlook is used to send or receive mails as it acts as all in one solution for sending or receiving emails. And one of the most common error is [pii_email_cf3398746f8ffdfafc70].Well in this article we are going to talk about the [pii_email_cf3398746f8ffdfafc70] error. 

Of course, how to resolve the error or how to overcome  [pii_email_cf3398746f8ffdfafc70]  error will be a major concern. However, it’s one the many   [pii_email_cf3398746f8ffdfafc70] errors in Outlook. So we are going to tell you the best method to overcome this error. 

So if your screen tells you that Microsoft Outlook has [pii_email_cf3398746f8ffdfafc70]error.

That simply means the command is not responding properly and Outlook is not working properly. Below are the best and absolutely simple instructions:

How to Fix [pii_email_cf3398746f8ffdfafc70] Error


Here We Go!

Method 1: Clear Cache 

  • When you will clear all the cache and third party cookies, your data will be refreshed and free of all previous useless strings. It will ultimately help the Outlook to remove the tuck or broken data packets. 
  • Reboot the Microsoft Outlook. Restarting the Microsoft Outlook will remove the useless tabs opened previously and free the memory.
  • By closing multiple windows on Outlook. If you are using multiple accounts on Microsoft Outlook, you need to remove the windows of the previously logged in the account if you want to switch the account. This will help Outlook to clear the cache.
  • If you haven’t recently updated your Microsoft Outlook, then just check for the latest updates. 
  • After updating the Microsoft 365, just try to work on Microsoft Outlook. If the [pii_email_cf3398746f8ffdfafc70]error is still pertaining.
  • If the [pii_email_cf3398746f8ffdfafc70] error is still here, try the method number 2, which is described below.

Method 2: Fix Microsoft Outlook Version

  • [pii_email_cf3398746f8ffdfafc70]Error may still persist after using the first method. So in this method just note down all login credentials and delete the Microsoft Outlook from the device. Then again install the latest version of Microsoft Outlook on your device. Now log in using your login credentials. 
  • If the [pii_email_cf3398746f8ffdfafc70] error is still there, it could be because of some lag in re-installation process.
  • Just repeat the steps and reinstall the Microsoft Outlook from the official website of Microsoft.
  • If this method is not helping, they proceed to the next method which is listed below.

Method 3: Use the Web Application

  • If the Microsoft Outlook application on PC is still showing [pii_email_cf3398746f8ffdfafc70]error, then just do a very simple thing which may help you to get freed from the [pii_email_cf3398746f8ffdfafc70] error.
  • You just have to switch to the lite version of the Microsoft Outlook. You can just click on the option in the upper corner. Then choose the Outlook Web App. 
  • Then clear the checkbox Using the lite edition for the Microsoft Outlook application, i.e., Outlook Web App.
  • Then click on the save button, to save the changes you have made. Saving will switch the Outlook Web App.
  • Then just set up the lite edition of the Microsoft Outlook Web App. Then register yourself in the App. After that just close it and reopen the Web App and log in using user ID and password.
  • If this method fails, then we have another very simple method to fix the [pii_email_cf3398746f8ffdfafc70] error. The next method is described below.

Method 4: Update Outlook!

[pii_email_cf3398746f8ffdfafc70] outlook
  • If your PC is still not working properly and repeatedly showing the [pii_email_cf3398746f8ffdfafc70] error. If after using so many corrective methods, it means either your PC is not meeting the crucial requirements for the latest version of Microsoft Office.
  • Outlook specifically or the latest version of Microsoft Office or Microsoft Outlook isn’t installed. Using the old version may harm the working of the PC. That’s why it is always suggested to keep your application up to date.
  • In most of the cases, the problem lies with the PC version. If the PC is not supporting the latest version of Microsoft Office or is not compatible if we talk in technical language. Then you’ll keep facing the [pii_email_cf3398746f8ffdfafc70] error.
  • Now if your PC is of the latest version and your Microsoft Office isn’t updated successfully, then the problems will persist. 
  • You just have to go to the official website of Microsoft, check for any latest updates or versions of available. If it needed to update the Microsoft office or Microsoft Outlook, just do it at once. Your files and documents will be safe. 
  • If the problem still exists, then there is just one solution to this [pii_email_cf3398746f8ffdfafc70] error.
  • You have to contact Microsoft Support for further instructions to resolve error.

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Our Inference!

We hope that the above-mentioned methods will help you to resolve the [pii_email_cf3398746f8ffdfafc70] error. Of course, after deep and extensive research, we come up with the best methods to solve your problems. Please give your feedback. Your feedback helps us to get better and better.

As above mentioned, if these methods didn’t work, you should directly contact the Microsoft Office team. They will give you personalized solutions.