Hemp factory preparing for business after medical marijuana bill signed to law


PRENTISS, Miss. (WDAM) – Jefferson Davis County will be the home to one of Mississippi’s first medical marijuana growing factories, named Mississippi Green Oil.

Construction began on the building before Gov. Tate Reeves signed the medical marijuana bill into law.

“As you can see, our workers are putting up rooms as we speak. All of this will be a fully functioning ‘grow’ this will be our whole grow right here,” says MGO Director of Operations, Winston Ceasear.

Ceasear says, after Gov. Reeves signed the medical marijuana bill into law, he felt a sense of relief.

“We took a chance and we jumped out there and got started and been watching it closely,” says Ceasear. “So, you know, they’ve done a part. Now it’s time for us to do our part as a whole.”

Now, MGO is focused on getting the factory open. Ceasear says he believes the medical marijuana industry will do great things for the State of Mississippi.

“It can generate enough revenue for us to open up lanes, specifically in careers of cannabis or different agriculture. I feel like we can create our own industry of bringing in a lot of known names in the cannabis industry,’ says Ceasear.

He envisions most of the money staying in Mississippi.

“Everything from production of packaging to ideas of manufacturing third-party type product, their own gummies, you know, their own particular brands, things like that,” Ceasear says. “I would love for a Mississippi market to have a Mississippi touch.”

MGO is currently working on their digital footprints, and they are expected to open for business on May 1.

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