Top 10 Free PDF to PPT Converter Online

The battle for supremacy between power point presentations and pdf files will be known to all when their professional life kick starts. From giving presentations for internal assignments in college to providing your clients with the best display of your proposals in business; presentations will linger around you always.

Often, we require a substantial amount of information to make the presentation informative while being eye-catching. Pdf documents allow us to ‘dump’ the ideas in our brain on a sheet so that a layout is ready for the ppt. That is when Pdf to ppt converter is needed; free and available online. 

Benefit: You don’t have to redo the work in the presentation slides – no copy pasting the content from pdf to ppt slides.

Top Free PDF to PPT Converter Online –

So, scroll down to find out which 10 free online platforms provide you with the much needed task of pdf to ppt conversion. 


Pdf to ppt converter

The first powerful application that allows you to import several files together and do the conversion from pdf to ppt is PDFelement. It is not only free but very rich in features that will ease the burden of editing pdf files with certain elements which one can’t add in ppt files.

Also, the quality promised post conversion is a work of finesse and near-to-perfection. This is very versatile because it exhibits the function to scan pdf images and also convert, add to the ppt slides. 


Online-Convert does the conversion like a walk in the park and that too with extreme finesse and keenly. The supported conversions of one file to another is huge and it comes at the cost of nothing. Just try your hands on this converter by clicking on the link above and be prepared to be impressed in a jiffy. Being one of the best online pdf to ppt converters, it just depends on the user to upload the document from Dropbox or Google Drive or your PC, voila, the rest is executed instantly. 


It is a generation of high speed and instant supply. So, here we provide you with an application that is free, online and very, very fast in delivering quality conversion from pdf to ppt.

Sometimes, simplicity and sophistication go hand in hand and that’s just how Smallpdf is. Its user interface is simply based on the drag-and-drop idea. 


iLovePDF is the most multi-faceted pdf to ppt converter as it not only does the conversion but also gives free access to different tools for the pdf file. Furthermore, Google Drive integration is available and that’s just the best add-on advantage ever created.

Another essential feature is that this platform keeps the converted ppt and uploaded pdf files for just 2 hours and then they are deleted for the users much-asked and demanded online security. 

Zamzar Pdf to ppt converter:

Imagine being good at everything you want to do and excel in every field of interest. Now imagine the same performance promised by an online pdf to ppt converter, that is, Zamzar.

With its skill to convert around 1200 type of files from one kind to another; this application is something that will give you an upper-hand in your presentation making period. Besides being free, it has a user-friendly interface and will deliver the converted file to your email address instantly. 

PDF to PPT Converter OR Convert PDF Online:

The former is a classic example of ‘nepotism’ in technology. Coming from an esteemed family of Nitro products, this application is hands down one of the most dependable converter of pdf to ppt. Its only con is that it comes at a price after 14 days trial period.

So, you need to buy the former converter while the latter is free and also equivocally or equivalently dependable. The latter might not be a pro/premium version but it is a standard one which is nothing too less for free of cost. 


Are you tired of signing up and then logging in to the platforms to convert your file from pdf to ppt? Then, we have the perfect solution for you. It is free, secure, fast and doesn’t require to sign up and sign in ever.

Once you have performed the conversion, then the uploaded file gets deleted instantly. LightPDF should be your go-to-friend every time you are dealing with any file that is pdf. It provides watermark, password protection of pdf files and even lets you split or merge the files. 


A few movements of the cursor and you have readily got the inside access to an amazing online portal that is your solution for anything PDF related.

One add-on that is very rarely seen is that this application allows you to remove the text from the image and then analyze it into conversion. In spite of being so feature-laden, ThePDF is very convenient. 


Too broke to use any paid online pdf to ppt converter? If yes, then, you are at the right place because Online2pdf is a platform that does the work without expecting a single penny.

Despite being very stringent in processing size limit (100 MB at a time), it is beneficial as it lets you edit, compress, extract, merge, split, arrange and rearrange pdf files before you convert them. Also, keep in mind that a total limit of 150 MB has been stipulated for all 20 pdf files getting converted at once. 

Soda PDF Online:

Either download the application on your Windows 10 PC or perform the intended conversion from pdf to ppt in a flash online using internet connectivity.

SodaPDF does the assigned work so minutely that none will understand whether it is converted or it was a presentation right from the scratch. The orientation and edited features of the pdf file remain as intact as it is possible. It also allows you to undo the conversion and move back to the pdf mode in a blink of an eye. 

If you have already weighed in your options and decided that at first you will put down everything that’s in your head about the topic given in a pdf file and then exemplify a winning presentation by converting the pdf to ppt, then, you have just found your possible best options here in this list. Try the ones which fit your needs, which caters to your demands and then make your presentation in a jiffy of a lifetime.