Donate Your ‘rags’ to the Salvation Army


Laurel, Miss. (WDAM) — You probably know that you can donate your wearable, unwanted clothing to the Salvation Army, but what about old clothes that have holes, tears, and stains? The Salvation Army collects them too!

Raymond Pruitt is the Salvation Army chief at Laurel. They say that if you do not have old clothes to wear, you can bring them in between.

“Our family store on North 13th Avenue … we get all kinds of donations, and some of them aren’t usable in the charity store because the buttons are missing or the zip isn’t working,” Pruitt said.

Laurel serves on the advisory board for the Police Chief Tommy Cox Center. He says he calls it “donating rags.”

Cox said, “If you tell them it’s rags, they’re going to take it and bail it out and help sell the industry, I think going green, recycling and that Making money too.”

Pruitt says the center sells garments to buyers by the pound.

“We sell it to a buyer by the pound,” Pruitt said. “Currently, the market is really strong and there’s an average of 32 cents a pound for those guys, and when you multiply that by about £40,000, that means really significant money for us.”

Cox says he really wanted to raise awareness about the program because he didn’t think enough people knew about it.

“So, I really feel like a lot of things are going to be shutting down in landfills to help them continue to serve the community,” Cox said.

If you have old worn out clothes, remember that you can take them to the Salvation Army instead of throwing them in the trash.

“Don’t just throw it out, bring it to us and we can exchange it for money and funnel it back into the community,” Cox said.

The Laurel Salvation Army is located at 129 N 13th Ave.

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