Apple promotes Apple Card in new ‘Chocolate’ ad


Apple today shared a new ad focused on Apple Card, highlighting the convenience of card-free payment options and a simple sign up process.

On occasion, a man in a shop puts a chocolate bar in his mouth before he realizes he doesn’t have his wallet to pay for. He looks at all his pockets at checkout as people wait impatiently behind him.

Eventually, he pulls out his iPhone, opens the Wallet app, and applies for an ‌Apple Card‌ while in line. He’s approved within minutes, and is able to use the ‌Apple Card‌ on his phone to make his purchases. “Reboot your credit card,” reads the tagline, with additional information available in the video’s description.

Get Apple’s Ease of Credit card. Apply within minutes and use immediately. No fees, unlimited daily cash back, and you can share with whomever you call the family.

The Apple Card is only available in the United States and is a convenient iPhone-based credit card issued by Apple in partnership with Goldman Sachs. It’s tied to Apple Pay and built into the Wallet app, but it also works like a traditional credit card.

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