15 Mac Tips and Tricks You Need to Know


There are a lot of hidden features and shortcuts that Apple has built into macOS over the years, from keyboard commands to less than obvious settings. These little hacks can improve your workflow and make your Mac experience more optimized, so we’ve highlighted several tips and tricks you might not have known in our latest YouTube video.

  1. open with default app – Want to open a certain file type only with a specific app? Right click the file, click Get Info, click Open With, and select the app you want to use from the dropdown menu.
  2. Automatically open protected files after download – To automatically open secure files downloaded from Safari, open the app, go to preferences, open the General tab and select Open “secured” files after downloading. Don’t want the files to open automatically? Uncheck it.
  3. convert to pdf – In the Finder, or desktop, you can right click on a file and use the “Quick Actions” feature to convert an image, document, or downloaded webpage to PDF. Simply right click on the file you want to convert to PDF, choose Quick Actions and select “Create PDF”. You can select multiple files using this method and combine them all into one PDF. Converting to PDF is a default option, but if it isn’t enabled for some reason, select “Customize” and select it to add it to your quick action options.
  4. find current folder – Want to set your Mac to default to search in your current open folders instead of across devices? Open Finder, Preferences, select “Advanced,” and then under the “Searching while” heading, select “Find current folder.”
  5. close all app windows – To close all open windows of an app at once, hold down Option and click the red x on one of the windows.
  6. always show scroll bar – To keep your scroll bar visible at all times, open System Preferences, select General, and then under the “Show scroll bar” option, select “Always”.
  7. Access voice input and output from the menu bar – You can access voice input And Output from the hold down option while clicking on the sound icon in the menu bar or in Control Center on your Mac. In the menu bar go to System Preferences > Sounds > Show Sounds and set it to Always if you want a permanent menu bar sound option.
  8. Quickly Find a File from Spotlight – If you have Spotlight Search open, you can find the file by holding Command+R in Finder and clicking on it.
  9. Minimize Windows with One Click – Want to change what happens when you double click a window’s title bar? Go to System Preferences, Dock & Menu Bar, and under “Double-click the title bar of a window,” choose Minimize instead of Zoom, which is the default.
  10. Hide and show the menu bar automatically – To automatically hide and show your menu bar, go to System Preferences, select Dock & Menu Bar, and then select “Automatically hide and show menu bar on desktop”.
  11. hide menu bar date – Don’t want to see the date? Go to System Preferences, select Dock & Menu Bar, and then under the Clock heading on the left menu, deselect “Show Day of the Week” and “Show Date.”
  12. delete by word – When you’re typing, you can edit more efficiently with keyboard commands. To delete an entire word at once, instead of character by character, hold down the Option key and then press the Delete button.
  13. delete by line – To delete an entire line, hold down the Command key and then press the Delete button.
  14. move cursor through word – To move your cursor rapidly through text, hold down the Option key and use the arrows to move word by word instead of character by character. Hold down Command to move it line by line.
  15. Customize Screenshot – Mac has lots of built-in customization options for screenshots. When you use Shift+Command+4 to take a screenshot of a shape, hold Option while dragging to resize all four corners and the Space bar to move the selection box.

Have other great Mac tips that we haven’t covered here? Tell us in the comments.

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